Six Best Skin Care Products for Acne Prone Skin

Six Best SkinCare Products for Acne Prone Skin – Most of the skin problems in women all over the world is acne. It is seen from the humid air temperature, followed by air pollution and the urban lifestyle. Many are wondering how to address the problem of acne, there are also those busy even cover it with makeup than cure.

Six Best Skin Care Products for Acne Prone Skin


Here is the experience editor when treating facial acne, and you’re still able to do makeup! Instead of seeking to create flawless skin in front of many people, the women often work around this with a range of foundation status as top cover until the liquid foundation concealer. Yet according to the experts, the camouflage actions actually make your skin pores so not breathing and trigger acne even worse.

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Then what steps you should take to keep skin minimized of the presence of acne when you’re doing the treatment?

1. Clean your face thoroughly never get tired to remind you to wash your face clean and complete. In starting from removing makeup and dirt residue on the face using makeup remover or cleansing milk plus fresheners (yes, the orthodox way of this fact makes the dirt more quickly wasted).

Then proceed to rinse the face wearing a facial cleanser mainstay, select products for oily skin and acne problems. If your skin is sensitive, good choose a face washing soap hypoallergenic name listed.

Lastly, complete cleaning of the face through facial toner. Fluids are affixed on top of the cotton will remove the remnants of dirt in the pores completely. (Try: Physiogel Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin and All in the drug store around you)

2. Choose a light moisturizer

Especially for those who have oily and prone, choose a lighter moisturizer. Avoid rich moisturizer because it will lead to excessive hydration of the skin tissue, so that the face is more oily, then dirt is easy to stick and cause a later infection acne.

If you also apply sunscreen pads containing high SPF, usually creamy texture in it quite thick or rich cream. Therefore, apply enough sunscreen and do not need to use a moisturizer before. (Try: LancĂ´me Matifying Moisturizing Lotion on the site Sephora or Avene Sunscreen SPF 50 onLazada)

3. Fasting BB or CC Cream Cream

This is the most important advice that you should follow. According to dr. Edwin Tanihaha, Sp.KK, Dip.AAAM, MHkes, FKKCS, dermatovenerologist Siloam Hospital T.B. Simatupang, better avoid the application of BB or CC cream for a while.

That’s because the moisture levels of the multifunctional cream is very high, and sometimes not suitable for use by the owner tropical skin. “If the first user you’ve instantly breakouts, better just leave BB or CC cream. But if not, it is okay to continue,” said dr. Edwin.

4. Use a powder alone

For everyday look choose talc-based powder, because the solid powder tends to close the pores of your face. So it is difficult to remove once clogging dirt in it.

It’s okay to use a liquid foundation and concealer thin on acne or acne scars, if there is an important event that requires you to appear flawless, but do not forget to wash your face thoroughly after makeup. (Try: Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation in Anna Sui outlets in department stores nearby)

5. Blush on? Sure it is allowed

Tinge cheek is needed for those who want more fresh makeup. Suggestions also use blush on textured powder that is lighter and easier to clean afterwards.

If you want to use a cream blush on are also allowed, as long as the first dab on top of your fingers (with the finger in a clean state record), then pat smooth over the cheekbones in order to blend in perfectly.

The use of brushes is allowed, as long as the feathers regularly cleaned and not be shed dirt. (Try: Bare Minerals Blush at the site Sephora)

6. It’s a new way: Stickers Acne!

Special spots acne cream is a solution short in making acne precocious or even make it quickly deflated. However some acne cream spots sometimes make makeup so the cream color imprint or even interfere with your total look.

If there is a small pimple that start to appear, fond of applying acne patches that sometimes makes acne not so outgoing and makes precocious.

Choose stickers acne have thin strands, although later some people will be aware of the patch on your face, especially if the acne is in obvious locations such as the nose and cheek area. (Try: Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch on Amazon)

If you follow the steps above, plus also do a better lifestyle as regular exercise, reducing fatty and oily foods, regular sleep, and not smoking, believe that your acne problem will improve. Good luck.

Six Best Skin Care Products for Acne Prone Skin

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