Best SKin Care Products for Combination Skin

Best Skin Care Products for Combination Skin – First of all you have to Determine Your Skin Type. Genes in your body plays an important role in the appearance of the skin. But the change in hormones, dietary habits and environment also affect the skin condition. Therefore, understanding the skin type is the first step to properly treat the face. The second step is to know how to determine your skin care routine to adapt to the changing conditions of the skin.


Behavior skin:
Combination skin will be a bit ‘tricky’ identified for this type of skin has two or more types of skin as well. Usually people with this type of skin has to have an oily T-zone, but with dry skin or normal in other areas.

How to care for combination skin:
Use of different products to certain parts of the face. Lightweight gel and oil absorbent products can overcome oiliness in T-zone area of the face, while the cream of vitamins will help the parts dry.

Product Recommendation: Optimals White Radiance Cream SPF 15, True Perfection Perfecting Serum.


behavior skin
Oily skin and shiny often exacerbated by hormonal changes in the body, or with too much use products that contain alcohol. You may experience problems clogging pores and black dots, or enlarged pores around the T-zone area.

How to handle it:
Not too often rinse the skin of the face, because in this way will only lead to the production of oil in your skin increases. We recommend using a mild cleanser, followed by wearing non-comedogenic serum or lotion-based gel. The use of moisturizer on oily skin may sound absurd, but it is important to restore the balance. Oil absorbent paper can help remove excess oil during the day and use a clay mask weekly will lift out dirt in the face.

Product Recommendation: Love Nature Face Lotion Tea Tree, White Optimals Cleansing Gel Oily Skin


Behavior skin:
Dry skin has nothing to do with a lack of moisture, but this is due to the ability of the outer layer of dry skin to maintain moisture levels stable unlike normal skin. Dry skin is marked with pores that are very tight / small, rough skin with visible lines and red dots.

How to treat dry skin:

Replace harsh cleaning agents that strip the fat / oil in the skin with a mild cleansing milk. High SPF will prevent sun damage that can cause dry skin, use a cream morning containing urea and lactic acid. Do Slough skin but massage the skin and lift it with a cloth / soft towel to remove dirt. Shower with hot water will dry out your skin, so use water that is not too hot.

Product Recommendation: Milk & Honey Gold Cleansing Milk, Love Nature Day Cream Wild Rose


Behavior skin:
Easily irritated, have a wavy texture, with dry parts or flush easily.

How to care for sensitive skin:
Avoid products that contain perfumes or harsh ingredients for treatment of ‘anti-aging’. Avoid the onset of symptoms of itching and red bumps when you try a new skin care product by using the test patch (patch on the skin). Do a simple skin care routine and have been matched to avoid allergic reactions unnecessary.

Product Recommendation: True Perfection Day Moisturiser, Love Nature 2-in-1 Cleanser Wild Rose.

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