Research & Patenting

From day one, Faraya is committed to protecting your intellectual property and ensuring that your developed solution is informed by the most relevant research in the field. That is why we have a dedicated team of PhD researchers and patent attorneys to guarantee your solution is unique and stays that way.

  • Prior Art Searches
  • Patent Documentation and Filings
  • Technical Literature Reviews
  • White Papers

Our team is able to provide a prior art search at the onset of new product developments. This allows are development team to learn from what exists and design a product that is novel, and worthy of being patented. Our team will ensure that your Intellectual Property is protected properly, as we offer patent development and submission services.

Who Conducts Research for Our Project?

To complement our internal team, Faraya is tapped into universities around the world, and we utilize the expertise of faculty and graduate students to support our research efforts.